ananya chatterjee hot picsananya chatterjee at dwando premireDwando (conflict ) leading lady Ananya Chatterjee looking hot in an off-shoulder dress at the premiere of the film. She looked stunning in her golden olive gown .
Wish her all the success.

parambrata and swastika intimate for a kiss

Parambrata is looking into Swastika's eyes and they're gazing back. They both move in for the kiss.
Well, with the following 9 steps, every kiss will be picture perfect.

Step 1. Look deeply into your partners eyes : In anticipation of a kiss or to initiate a kiss, start by gazing into your partners eyes. In an intimate situation, gazing into your partner's eyes sends an intimate message, letting them know that you want to get closer.
Step 2. Smile : A suggestive smile will do wonders.
Step 3. Get closer : It's time to move in but move slowly.
Step 4. A nice touch : Lightly touch her face as you move in , promotes the feeling of intimacy between the two of you.
Step 5. Tilt your head a bit : Tilt your head slightly so that your lips are lined up and there's no chance of a missed kiss. Watch as you tilt to make sure that your partner has already tilted.
Step 6. Relax your lips : The perfect kiss is pleasant, with your lips softly pressed together.
Step 7. Close your eyes : You'll end up with a much more passionate kissing experience if you close your eyes and let the sensations drive you.
Step 8. Part your lips : Part your slightly as you begin contact. Don't open them too much or your partner may feel that you're overdoing . Don't keep them too closed either though because your partner may get the impression that you're not as 'in' to this kiss as they are.
Step 9. The kiss : The final impact! Gently touch your lips to hers and you have the perfect kiss. Be sure not to pull away too quickly. Take your time and enjoy it! When you do finally pull away, look your partner in the eyes again. A smile, an embrace, or a whisper letting them know that you enjoyed it are a nice way to end a kiss.

Locket Chatterjee lesbian kiss with dona in Cha-e-chuti
An artiste always has a creative freedom to portray homosexuality on screen.

Many Bengali films have been made on the subject, even when gay sex was criminalised. But a recent court order decriminalises it all . The judgment will allow for better creative expression to artistes, and films show homosexuality not be banned anymore.
raima sen kiss neel nirjane
raima lesbian kiss
The film Nil Nirjane show a lesbian relationship ; Mou was in love with Raima Sen .
Locket Chatterjee recently has done a liplock with Dona in Aniket Chatterjee’s yet-to-release flick Cha-E-Chuti .